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Tanning Advice:
Preparing for your competition is one of the more important elements when preparing for your competition tan.
It is the final piece in your puzzle to enable you to show off all of your hard work.

ProGlow offer a professional service to apply your tan, skin preparation information and competition glazing before you step on stage.
It is very important that you prepare your skin and remove any dead skin, below are guideline in preparing your skin.
Preperation Advice:
1) Use Jan Tana skin prep-scrub 1 week before your competition date.
2) Ensure that you use an oil free moisturiser your body daily, focusing on hands, feet, elbows and knees.
3) 48hrs before your competition remove any unwanted hair. If you have thick hair growth it may be advisable to remove either 24 hours before competition or on the day.
4) Day of tanning appointment, use skin prep-scrub. Do not apply moisturiser as this would effect your tanning application.
5) Attend tanning appointment.
6) Application of Jan Tana glaze before you go on stage.
Competition tanning is a great way to show the definition you have worked hard to gain, however tan can rub off onto your clothing. Part of the service ProGlow provide we will re-apply any tan that rubs off. 

ProGlow Professional Tanning Ltd do not take responsibility for any tan that is removed onto clothing and the damage it may cause.
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